Sunday, September 09, 2012

Big a$$ rocket of the day: Mike Bauer's 1:32 scale Saturn V stomp rocket

Mike has gone big with his 1:32 scale Saturn V. This rocket required 14 sheets of 2ft x 3ft cardstock, 2/3 bottle of Aleene's Tacky glue, 3.5 hours of printing, 2.8 hours of cutting, and 18 hours of construction. The resulting rocket is 10.43' long, 12.375" in diameter and weighs a mere 2lb 3.8oz weight. He is working on a servo timer based deployment system, which will add another couple of oz. This bad boy could possibly fly on a high power 'G' and certainly a small 'H' motor, depending on the weight of the recovery system and other required mods. I don't know how you attach rail buttons to an all-cardstock model! Check it out below!