Wednesday, August 01, 2012

This NARAM-54 post stinks (update)

And, you thought trees, corn and soybeans suck  Via the TRF post, I see that the NARAM field has a hazard that stinks both figuratively and literally -  a waste water treatment pond.  ECayemburg reports on the loss and subsequent recovery of his Tarantual from what he calls "THE BIG ICKY."

NARAM Live! continues to be populated daily however I haven't spotted any 'wow' items since my previous post.  YMMV.  I assume the manufacturer's forum hasn't occurred yet because that always elicits posts on TRF and YORF. I hope something interesting pops up other than the new stuff from Estes, Red River and Semroc that has already been mentioned. Update: Eek, I checked the schedule and the manufacturer's forum was on Saturday. I assume the Earth didn't shake or TRF/YORF would have noticed.  But, maybe the attendees are just too busy to post about the shaking.