Wednesday, August 01, 2012

The fuel is cheap, but the GSE can be expensive

Air Command has an interesting article on SCUBA equipment, as applied to water rockets.  I've become half-way interested in continuing my work on a PVC cannon for air rockets and have been thinking about air supplies.  As expected, SCUBA gear is the Cadillac of air sources.  George's article goes into safety, the components, options on how to hook them up, and how to use them.  He also has a nice calculator to see how many launches you'll get with them.  The default numbers are for a single 2L bottle. The calculator says you'll get 150 launched from a tank.  George runs through some sample pricing.  Bottom line: you can get a set up using used equipment for $200- $300. Ouch. You have to bee a pretty dedicated water rocketeer to go this route.  It's like the HPR (a part thereof) of the water rocket world. Now, if I found someone giving the stuff away...

P.S. Now you SCUBA divers with your own equipment have no excuse for not flying water rockets!