Wednesday, August 08, 2012

ROCKETS Magazine, April 2012 (V7, I1)

It appears the ROCKETS Magazine machine is running again. They have gotten a bit behind but the editors assure me they are working hard to catch up and that subscribers will get all the issues they have paid for. Now, on to the content.

The first item of note is my second installment of product reviews (w00t!). Next up is a pair of EX/Research articles - a tech article on 200-micron AP and another on the development of the CSXT "GoFast" motor. This 10" diameter, S50,150 successfully boosted the GoFast to space! Derek Deville is da' man!

There are photos from last year's XPRS and Mudroc launches and a report on BALLS too.  That article focuses on the various attempts to claim the Carmack 100,000' prize.  No winners, but lots of BIG motors and BIG rockets (of both the cool and really cool varieties).

Michael Gunter relates how he celebrated kicking the cigarette habit with a 7.5", M-powered rocket named the Totally Wicked Tornado Rocket.  As it happens, Totally Wicked is the maker of the electronic cigarette that helped him quit.  They supported the build by providing the graphics for Sickershock's custom work.

There is also launch report from Fire in the Sky, a report on Bridget Baycraft's Polly Rocket and an article on Dr. Zooch's signature flame fins that adorn his otherwise finless, scale creations.

The back cover sports photos from ROCKETS' 'on the ground' reporter in Afghanistan.  Ed represents well with stickers on two Hellfires and a Hydra-70. The best ad, evah!