Saturday, August 11, 2012

Paper Stomp Honest John, 24mm conversion

Although I have converted several paper models for flight, I had never tackled one as large as the Honest John paper stomp rocket from AlaskaPaperModelWorks. It's even bigger than the Model Minutes G200 Carrier. I had two copies printed. While I was building the stock stomp version, I was already planning to convert the other.

Given that the model is 2.6" in diameter and 39" long, it seems natural to convert it to fly on 24mm motors.  I am planning to use the motor mount as a stuffer tube.  The top section of the stock body will be reinforced and will hold the parachute.  The nose cone will be modified to have a shoulder rather than slipping over the upper body as in the stomp version.

I decided to use a commercial 24mm tube, which will be centered in the body with three rings.  I marked the kit's 'formers' for the 24mm tube and laminated them to thicker cardstock.  These will provide the required rings with three extras.  As it turns out, the Honest John's body is almost exactly the same diameter as BT-80.

Once gain, I laminated the kit's fins using Super77 spray-on glue.  Prior to assembling the fins, I scored the fin tabs and covered them with tape while spraying on the glue. The bottom set has a center tab that will reach to the motor tube while the upper canards will merely be attached using the tabs.

Main fin.

Canard fin.