Saturday, April 13, 2013

Launch Report 2013-01

Location: Higgs Farm, Price, MD - MDRA (Red Glare XIV)
Weather: 50's, mostly sunny, wind 5-10
Total flights: Today - 5; YTD - 5
Total motors: Today - 5; YTD - 5
Motors by class YTD: C-1, E-2, F-1, H-1

After a 7 month dry spell, I FINALLY got out to fly a few rockets. The day was nice but the field was very muddy with lots of standing water. Many people got stuck so they shut down access to the main field (we were on the front one). I parked between that field and the street. At least it was firm enough that I didn't sink in! However, it was a long hike to the range head. I shouldn't bitch. By noon, people were parking on the shoulder of the road. The line stretched to the stop sign at the entry and just as far the other way too. Now, THAT would have been a long hike.

I got to meet Gary Rosenfield and Karl Baumann of AeroTech. They demoed H, I, and J versions of their yet un-named line of adjustable delay single use motors. There were also hints of other cool new items. I bought two of the H135W-14A motors from Ken (and got the free DAT).

My Flights:

  1. North Coast Rocketry SA-14 Archer on an H165-6 - Nice boost. The delay was long, which was odd, and the 'chute that I packed 7 months ago didn't come out. It looked bad but the erstwhile core sample turned into a flat roll, The only damage was one broken balsa strake. Easy fix.
  2. SpaceX Falcon 9 on a Estes C6-3 - Nice flight. The boost seemed slow and I had to check that I had used an Estes vs. a Quest C6. It was an Estes, which further reinforces the fact that a Quest C6 shouldn't be used in this kit. Maybe I'll try a composite 18mm one day.
  3. Hat of Death on an F26-P - Nice flight. Neil announced the flight by saying that I used to wear it back when I was an underwear model. Now, that's an unpleasant thought...but it was funny.
  4. PMS on an E6-8 - The rocket was built with, and flown on, things that I inherited from Paul Miller when he moved. It was a fast boost. The motor was so quiet that you couldn't hear much of the 5 second burn. Neil's eagle eyes saw the tracking powder and the streamer, although I never saw it. At least until it was returned by Skycopp. The composite delay burn did a number on the thin tube. I have a photo below showing how it was burned in two. It seems both pieces landed close together.
  5. Art Applewhite Delta Flying Saucer on an E12-4 - This mirror gold Delta looks as good on the pad as it does flying. The E12 is a nice motor for this small saucer...and it didn't CATO :)
So, here are da' photos. There will be much better ones coming from ROCKETS Magazine and other members. I also saw Chris from Rocketry Live! was there. He might have updates this evening (?). But, for now, this is all you get!

First, the field:

Here are my rockets:

And a couple of cool upscales. The immaculate Black Star Voyager featured 3-D G-10 fins and was going up on an 'L'. 

The featured flight of the day was Dan Michael's 3/4 Scale Patriot, which flew on five Dark Matter sparkies (a central N2220DM and four four L1080DM's). The boost was amazing, until it did an impersonation of the Challenger disaster. D'OH! I have a short video and will add a link when I decide where to load it (unless someone posts a better version before me).