Sunday, August 19, 2012

Launch Report 2012-10

Location: Central Sod Farm, Centreville, MD MDRA ESL-171)
Weather: mid-70's, wind 0+ mph, cloudy
Total flights: Today - 6; YTD - 80
Total motors: Today - 6; YTD - 95
Motors by class YTD: MicroHybrid -1; MMX - 6; A - 6; B - 5; C - 32; D - 7; E - 23; F - 6; G - 9

The trip to-and-fro was quick, the crowd was light and the weather was cool.  I got all my planned flights in by about 2PM and visited with Warthog and his wife until the launch was scrubbed due to rain. The tally: me -6, soybeans -0.

My flights:
  1. Estes Ventris on a F35-4 -  The lack of wind made for an arrow straight flight with ejection right at apogee.  There was some upper level winds but the walk was short.  The best part is the wind kept most rockets (including all of mine) out of the soybeans.
  2. Lime Stiletto on an E9-6 -  Nice flight with ejection at apogee.
  3. SpaceX Falcon 9 on a Estes C6-5 - Nice flight with ejection a couple of seconds after apogee. The boost looked awfully slow and I don't think I'll be trying a 'B' in this kit. A C6-3 would be a better choice.
  4. Upscale Cluster Bomb on a G64-4 - Nice flight.  The boost took it over the beans but it drifted back.
  5. AlaskapaperModelWorks Honest John on a D12-3 - Very low and slow with ejection at apogee. No real damage but it suffered one slightly bent fin.  I bent it back and it was good to go.
  6. AlaskapaperModelWorks Honest John on a E12-4 - This was a much more satisfying flight.  There was some wobble near MaxQ with ejection again at apogee.  On inspection, the tabs holding one fin to the body came loose.  Probably because of flutter and the fact that the tabs are glued to the glossy printer surface.  Despite the 08 18 11 date code on the motor, it worked perfectly.
My photos:

Paper Honest John

Honest John recovering after the D12 flight

One fin was bent.

Honest John on an E12

Landed right by my car.

My Falcon 9 and Kathy's odd-roc.

Cluster Bomb!

Not my HoJo..this was Dave Weber's

HoJo boost.
Good shot of the HoJo via Stan Senesy. Thanks Stan!