Friday, August 17, 2012

24mm Paper Honest John, completed

Earlier today, I was in the Dungeon for something else and decided to dry-fit a rod in the newly installed lug.  I discovered I had forgotten something...the through-the-nose launch lug. Glad I checked! The model is long enough that I could have used a standoff to keep the rod from poking the nose but I'd prefer to use the whole rod (or close to it). Due to unexpected house guests, I only had a small window to perform the surgery. I was going to cut the lug flush with the cone's contours, but didn't get around to it. The lug is placed between a set of canards so the nose cone's launch position is turned by 45 degrees. Here is an as-built shot and a cone close-up.  Hope to fly her this weekend on a D12-3 and then an E12-4.