Saturday, July 14, 2012

Thoughts on finishing the Harpoon

I love building rockets but usually lose steam when it comes to finishing them.  I could use to do more sanding on the fillets and tail cone on the Harpoon...but I probably won't.  That means it should get a coat of paint in a few days.  I've decided on Rustoleum Semi-Gloss.  I also scored the master decal files for Carl Tulanko's 4" Harpoon.  These used to be on TRF but once the old forum was archived I couldn't access them.  Carl's model is an accurate recreation of the 'A' series of Harpoons.  There are so many details there and I have so little decal paper left.  Since mine is semi-scale anyway, I'm going to make it more like the 'L' version that I spotted on-line. That largely means replacing the 'A' with the 'L' and leaving off most of the details.  I will only add 4 sets of screws radially around the body, a few beside the fins and some around the raised area on the aft end.  More details can always be added later.  One of my rocket adages is, "the probability of failure is proportional to the quality of the finish job."