Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Pondering the Harpoon build

Just random thoughts. Nothing is set in glue.

  • I think I'll set the lower centering ring in the distance of the lower fin root, 3.5".  The motor tube with the Estes retainer will move the motor about 3/4" further back, well within the margin for the Krushnik effect.
  • I'll add a piece of ~3.5" tube between the ring and end of the short tail cone.  It will provide support for a paper wrap, add some strength to the flimsy (but light!) BT-101 and will allow short through-the-wall tabs for the bottom fins.
  • Fins? Hmm.  Balsa or laminated foam board?
  • To keep semi scale-ish, I need one and a half 24" BT-101 tubes.  I just stretched the upper tube back to 24.5" and it still looks good to me.  Saves tube cutting and helps stability.
  • Trim?  I'm not going try to add as much detail as Carl Tulanko's or Alex Zoughlin's builds.  Not even close. If I were to do so, I'd spend $36 on a set of Sickershock decals.  I'm too el cheapo for that.  Still, I'd like to overlay some cardboard parts for the raised areas on the real thing, add a stripe or two and a few runs of 'bolts'.  We'll see.  I like my purple nose cone and will likely leave it.  That alone will destroy the scale-ness.  One variant had a red chunky cone...but not purple!
  • Where to split it?  At the nose, or the body joint? Stuffer tube? Zipperless? Oy, this build could gain weight fast.