Friday, July 27, 2012

More LDRS-31 (update stuff is at the top)

Seems like the photo documentation has been slower coming this year. I haven't really scoured the Internet but will point out a few sources that I've run across. I may update the list and re-post as I find stuff.

Boris Katan's LDRS-31 playlist

ROCKETS Magazines photos are up.  At least Thursday's and Friday's photos.  Starting with Saturday, they wouldn't load for me. Might be a problem on my end.

Beau Button's Cochon - Proofs from Photos by Nadine.  On the ground, in the air, and on the ground again.  With Kari too.

Jim Flis' LDRS-31 album - A large paper rocket, an 'N'-powered ACME Spitfire, Boris Katan's spinning saucer, and the flying snowmobile, oh my.

csoechtig's album - Nice album with lots of odd-roc coverage.  He a few YouTube videos linked on TRF.  Best one is the Dark Matter drag race.

My First LDRS -- In 31 Seconds! (DTHRocket) - Interesting but I'd have preferred an link to a photo album.

Nick DeBrita's Flickr stream Here's his 1/6th scale Mercury Redstone flying to 8,120' on an N2000W, two K700Ws and two K550Ws.