Saturday, July 28, 2012

Launch Report 2012-9

Location: Central Sod Farm, Centreville, MD MDRA ESL-170)
Weather: clear, 90's, wind 0-5 mph
Total flights: Today - 8; YTD - 74
Total motors: Today - 9; YTD - 89
Motors by class YTD: MicroHybrid -1; MMX - 6; A - 6; B - 5; C - 31; D - 6; E - 21; F - 5; G - 8

The weather turned out great although the drive there and back stunk.  On the way over, there had been a car fire near the 301/50 split and on the way back there was a severe thunder storm.  The crowd was thin except for a big gang of scouts. What I thought was corn last month turned out to be a thick field of soy beans.  The wind started cross-field but then shifted towards the beans. That was a very bad thing.

There was some sad news.  Neil's mother is terminally ill and Ken Allen's mother passed away shortly after LDRS.  Our prayers are with both their families.

My thanks to Fred Wallace for replenishing my bag of dog barf.  Ken wasn't there, Animal didn't have any and another rocketeer wanted to sell me some.  Fred just gave me a bag full.

My Flights:
  1. AGM-84 Harpoon (stretched) on a G80-7 - The Harpoon flew well.  Ejection was a bit late but there were no ill effects.  Unfortunately, it landed on the gravel access road.  The rocket held up far better than I expected, incurring only a few small dings.
  2. Ankyo-mcH on a MicroHybrid (paper grain, 0.02" injector) - Prepping took some fumbling because the motor has to be primed at the pad and then installed in the rocket.  This was my first MicroHybrid flight that didn't clearly leak NOX.  Still, I still wouldn't want to leave it prepped for long. Ignition took a moment and then the rocket flew majestically into the sky.  It was an arrow straight boost.  The rocket tumbled back down nicely (it is a foam rocket with no recovery mechanism).
  3. Heavenly Hobbies Backdraft on a E9-4/C11-3 - The rocket was angled into the wind and away from the flight line.  The boost was great and you could clearly see the delay fuse ignited.  The rest was fairly boring since I lost sight of it against some clouds and the retro fired at a high altitude. I know the fuse length was the same as the previous two flights (7.25") so I have no idea why this flight was different. The 'chute tangled and the rocket sustained a minor crinkle in the end of the body tube.  However, no parts were lost and it is flyable.
  4. BNC-R1 on an E12-4 - I jinxed myself by bragging on TRF about my twelve problem free E12 flights.  This E12 cato'ed.  Both the nozzle and ejection end immediately gave way.  The rocket was thrown off the rail but the wadding did its job and protected the 'chute.  I didn't bring a replacement so I'll have to try again next time. A MESS report will be filled out and I'll report it to Estes.
  5. MRBR-1 on a F24-4 - Launch fever sucks.  Soybeans suck more.  It separated and the body was lost.  The beans were so dense that I would have had to step on it to find it.
  6. Art Applewhite Helix 18mm on a C6-3 - Flew nicely and landed at the edge of the soybean field.
  7. Art Applewhite Helix 24mm on an E9-4 -  Flew nicely and landed at the edge of the soybean field.
  8. Quest MicroMaxx Alien UFO on 'Roids on an A8-3 - Neil made fun of the A8 motor.  It went up, came down.
Here are the photos: