Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I am 75% happy today

I don't know if that's exactly accurate, but I just got back from Facebook, where I saw where some guy flew three 'N' flights at LDRS.  For an hour or two my rockets will feel inadequate.  We also lost power last night for about 4 hours.  To add insult to injury, when it came on I was awakened to the lights coming on.

Meanwhile, in the Dungeon, one round of paint is out-gassing (on the Harpoon, of course).  I shot two quick coats yesterday and saw a few flaws that I wanted to fix.  I have to wait about 8 hours for it to be workable so, now, I'm waiting the compulsory 48 hours before re-coating. That's not a bad thing because I have a couple of weeks before it can fly anyway.  I also got a new color cartridge to print the decals.  I don't want to print the wide stripes so I'll drop by an auto parts store for some trim tape.  The only other progress is that I decided to hold the upper BT on with four plastic pop-rivets.  The necessary holes were drilled and they'll be  installed after the final coat of paint is dry.