Friday, June 29, 2012

Planning a Micro Hybrid flight

Yesterday, I found that I have one NOX cartridge left so I'll fly the Micro Hybrid in July.  I normally fly it in an Art Applewhite saucer but thought I'd try something that had fins.  I began working on a 'boink' style rocket using a pool noodle. However, my noodle remnants are quite bent and I destroyed the straightest part trying to modify it.  I then spotted a Ankyo pool noodle rocket that I had stashed (similar to the one shown in the photo).   The Micro Hybrid is heavy for a 24mm D (or E?) motor so the first thing I did was ditch the forward fins.

The glue is setting on the motor mount, launch lug and nose weight plug. 1.5 oz of nose weight should make it stable and will result in an on-the-pad mass of 7 oz.  The rocket itself will weigh 3.5 oz.  The mass will reside down in the upper end so there is plenty of foam to absorb the impact.

So, the July MDRA launch will include a boink, a retro rocket, monocopters, a birdhouse and a few conventional sport rockets.