Saturday, June 16, 2012

Launch Report 2012-7

Location: Old National Pike Park, Mt. Airy, MD (NARHAMS ECRM)
Weather: sunny, high about 80, wind 0+ mph
Total flights: Today - 11; YTD - 55
Total motors: Today - 12; YTD - 64
Motors by class YTD: MMX - 6; A - 5; B - 3; C - 24; D - 5; E - 12; F -3; G - 6

Other than a slow flight rate due to the contest timing, this was an ideal launch day.  The wind was essentially calm all day so I could have brought out some larger models. Some duration models pegged the maximum allowable delay.  And, once again, there was no soccer in the adjoining field!

My Flights:
  1. Stink Bomb on an EC6-3 - Cool tube-launched flight.
  2. Tiny Tim Smoke on a C11-3 - Great boost with early ejection.  A -5 might be a better choice.
  3. Estes Patriarch on a QC6-5 - Good flight but the 'long burn' Quest motor melted the internal plastic components of the motor retainer.  The case was dark brown.
  4. Estes Cluster Bomb on a C11-3 - This -3 delay was more like a -0.  'Chute stripped, one fine cracked.
  5. BLT on a B6-4 - Separation, no other damage.
  6. DC Pod Racer on a QC6-5 - No 'chute, no damage.
  7. 5th Generation on a C11-3 - Nice flight, perfect delay.
  8. First Flight Semi-Sonic on a QC6-5 - Very high, longish walk (the only one of the day).
  9. Semroc Launch Missile on an A8-3 - Nice flight.
  10. Estes Mosquito on a MicroMaxx II - Nobody had a MicroMaxx pad so this is the only one I flew (it has a 1/8" lug).  It was also my first ever contest flight.  I entered the open spot landing and was 2nd at the time of landing. w00t! Update: This flight attempt placed me 6th for the contest and gave me 12 contest points. I placed 14th overall for ECRM (last place - LOL).
  11. Heavenly Hobbies Resistor 224 on two E12-6's - Nice flight but it coned at a high rate all the way up.
Interesting over-grown deserted house on the way to the field.

It was windy at the moment.

Just leaving the tube.