Monday, June 11, 2012

Launch Report 2012-6

Location: Central Sod Farm, Centreville, MD (MDRA ESL-169)
Weather: sunny, high about 90, wind 5 mph
Total flights: Today - 7; YTD - 44
Total motors: Today - 9; YTD - 52
Motors by class YTD: MMX -5; A - 4; B - 2; C - 17; D - 5; E - 10; F -3; G - 6

This was another great day at the Sod Farm.  It was toasty but Richard Hickok moved in next door and provided shade.  My wife was especially appreciative. I had a great day but left early to meet my daughter and her family in Ocean City.  The launch site is more or less half way so that worked out well.  As an extra bonus, the Ocean City Airshow was last weekend and we could see a lot from the comfort of our porch and the beach.  This year, it featured the USAF Thunderbirds, the Black Diamond Jet Team, A-10 Warthogs, prop acrobatics and sky divers.  A lot was visible down the beach a mile or so but the jest teams made a bunch of runs up and down the beach and several flyovers right overhead - loud and awesome!

My Flights:
  1. Days of Future Passed on an E18-4 - This rocket features Roachwerk's Dynasoar nose cone.  It had a perfectly straight boost, a timely ejection, and perfect recovery on two 'chutes.  The harness brought down the nose section parallel with the ground as planned.  Unfortunately, I didn't add tape to the motor and the Estes-style retainer let loose and I lost my 24/40 case.  Big bummer.
  2. First Flight Under Dawg on a E12-0/D12-5 - The new E12 is a good booster for this rocket.  I glued a section of a spent motor to the E12 to serve as a retainer.  When stretched over the motor, the gap allowed the Estes retainer to slip past the retainer.  I then twisted the motor 180 degrees and the stock retainer snagged the motor nicely.  This model is over stable so having a motor hang out the rear wasn't an issue. Great flight!
  3. Estes Ventris on a F32-6 - This was a good motor for this rocket although I had to made an adapter (it's 24mm v. 29mm).  The delay was long but it recovered fine.
  4. Estes Mercury Atlas on an E12-4 - The boost on this 4" rocket was quite anemic, although the -4 delay was about right.  I can't believe a D12-3 would work in this model given what I saw on an E12.
  5. Hat of Death on an E12-0 - This was a good flight but I can't say it was better a worse than an E9 flight.
  6. Art Applewhite  Helix-29mm (beta) on a G40 - This one really thrilled the crowd.  I was a little disappointed in the altitude attained when compared to the earlier G35 flight.  I did replace the balance beam but I don't know why this would have affected its performance so much. 
  7. Art Applewhite  Double Helix-18 on two QC6-3's -  I was getting beach fever, so this was my last flight.  This model had been damaged (slightly, or so I thought) and one of the two motor mound pulled free.  The loose motor burned on the ground and the 'copter continued for a decent flight.  The on-board Quest C6 burned through and further charred the body.  I could reinforce the tips of the body and the motor  mounts and it could fly again.  But considering the burn-through issue, I may just retire it.