Friday, June 01, 2012

Hobbylinc - great experience

As soon as I heard that the Estes E12's were in stock at Hobbylinc, I placed an order for some  along with an F32 (for the Ventris should weather conditions dictate a lower flight) and two packs of the Estes 29mm retainers.  Here is how the order went:

  1. Placed the order the night of Friday May25th.  Although the order was confirmed immediately, I knew no real work would happen until Tuesday the 29th.
  2. On the 29th, the status became 'delayed' due to a back ordered item. [expletive deleted]
  3. On the 30th, I get a notice that the order has shipped.  Yay! [expletive retracted]
  4. Order arrived today! 
So, if you don't count the holiday weekend, my order took four business days from data entry to package on door step.  That was what I call an excellent experience!