Sunday, June 03, 2012

Building rockets like Dr. Frankenstein (that's Franchensteen?)

Here is a photo of the latest progress on a 'Frankenstein' rocket that I've been working on for several years.  The latest progress is merely filling and sanding.

Several years ago, my original, stock Big Daddy lawn darted.  The base of the cone was sheared off with the 'chute being crammed into the tip.  Surprisingly, the tip was fine, without even the loss of paint.  The body was totaled, fins sheared, and the motor mount was toast.  I contemplated buying a tube from BMS and rebuilding but instead started on this.  At the time, Quest was rumbling about a new F12 29mm motors so I decided to throw something together to cluster them.

I repaired the cone with a sectioned piece of 3" mailing tube and plywood bulkhead.  The body is a flimsy wrapping tube that fits the cone perfectly.  I lined it up to the shoulder with the stuffer tube from a mailing tube (Container Store brand).  The ring fins also came from that tubing.  I saved three of the Big Daddy's fins, less some of the through the wall tabs.  I sawed the mount from the top of another 29mm mount that I had built.  It didn't need the extra two inches and this one did. And, this is what I got.

The motors I was waiting on were vaporware, but there are 29mm F22's promised. I'm not holding my breath but will continue on this bird since I have nothing else on the bench.