Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Tripoli Offering Space-Flown Membership Cards

The Tripoli Rocketry Association is offering a limited number of membership cards which were flown on Up Aeropace's SL6 launch from Spaceport America on April 5, 2012.  More details below.

Tripoli Rocketry Association is pleased to announce the availability of Space Flown Membership cards for the membership.. This is a limited offer - UP Aerospace was able to load 220 blank Tripoli Membership Cards on the SL6 launch to space from Spaceport America on April 5, 2012. Flight details on the web are in the message below from Anthony Cessaroni. These will be available on a first come first serve basis until they are all gone.
Cost is $65 for a space flown card with your membership details and an 8.5 by 11 inch frame ready Certificate of Authenticity. See the attachments for Samples of the front and back of the Space Flown membership card and the Certificate of Authencity. Note on the back of the member card there is a printed serial number and the Certificate of Authenticity is actually color when custom printed with your name and TRA number (left black and white in the attachment to protect its authenticity). The membership card can be mounted on the certificate where you see SL6 in the watermark.
 $15 from each card purchase goes towards the "ERIK GATES SCHOLARSHIP FUND" In 2011 $2500 was awarded to David Harris. This is also a reminder that the scholarship will be awarded again in 2012 and entries are being accepted. Find more information here: http://www.tripoli.org/About/ErikGat...3/Default.aspx.
To Order:
Send a check, money order or credit card # for $65 to HQ at:
Tripoli Rocketry Association, Inc.
PO Box 87
Bellevue, NE 68005
or Fax a credit card number to 303-474-4738
Card Number _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ expiration date _ _ / _ _
or send a paypal to bruce.lee@tripoli.org with Space Flown in the subject
The $15 that goes to the Erik Gates Scholarship fund is not tax deductible.
Please allow 2 weeks for custom processing of your card and certificate.
Funds will be returned to you in the event of a sell out beyond 220.

As seen on TRF. Follow the link to see images.