Monday, May 07, 2012

Sport Rocketry, May/June 2012

This issue features several build articles: A 5" diameter Gemini-Titan built from a Revell cone and clear plastic tubing, the LUNAR multi-position launch controller (complete with schematics and parts list), an HPR upscale of FlisKits' Stingray and a 3xG, 1/158 scale model of the Discovery One from 2001: A Space Odyssey.  The latter is really awesome.  It is over 5' long and uses  an 8" Styrofoam ball for the front habitat section.  One of the best photos in the issue is a launch photo showing the center spine flexing under the thrust of two G motors (one lit late).  While the overall design is right up my alley, I don't have the patience for detailing that the builder, Matt Johnson, has.  Props to him!

The other 2 articles are about epoxy.  On is about what not to do and one is a useful tip. I won't detail the first item and will merely say it involved someone getting a mouthful of epoxy.  The tip is to mix your epoxy in a baggie, which can also be used as a dispenser.