Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Links roundup

  • Odd-Roc's, MYLEVEL3, (5/23, alexzogh) - I love the flying owl. 
  • Dragon COTS 2+: Images of launch, from Dragon, RLV and Space Transport (5/23, Lindsey) - Several neat launch shots from afar, including one taken from Disney's Epcot.  I also like the ones taken from the Dragon in orbit.  Evidently, their IR docking sensor can also take a cool photo of the Earth.
  • Katana First Fire, Masten Space Systems (5/22, Colinake) - "The Katana class engines will produce up to 4000 pounds of thrust and will power both Masten’s Xogdor class suborbital vehicle and XEUS lander demonstrator. "
  • Unlucky Pad #13, Flickr (5/22, Jurvetson) - Cool skywriting.
  • (via Twitter) Earth as seen by a thermal imager that Dragon will use in its approach to the International Space Station.…— SpaceX (@SpaceX) May 23, 2012