Saturday, May 19, 2012

Links roundup

  • If you're up (and I won't be), you can watch the Falcon 9 launch on NASA TV.  Countdown coverage starts at 3:30AM EST with the launch currently scheduled for 4:55 AM EST.  Pucker factor is at a 10.
  • Falcon 9/Dragon Launch: Yet more articles/commentary, RLV and Space Transport (5/18, Lindsey)
  • Boeing presents airlaunched, mostly reusable, smallsat launcher concept, RLV and Space Transport (5/18, Lindsey) - 100lb payload, possibly launched from White Knight 2, 3 stage (2 air-breathing, one rocket), 1st stage returns and lands, 2nd is a 'Waverider' style scramjet, 3rd stage may return and land vertically too. (source is AvWeek)
  • STAR Clipper derivative, Unwanted Blog (5/18/ Lowther) - Diagram of a proposed Space Shuttle concept.
  • Space art by Don Dixon, High Power Rocketry (5/18) - Links to hundreds of items.
  • Creating a Maker Culture at NASA, NASA Watch (5/17, Cowling)