Saturday, May 26, 2012

Launch Report 2012-4 "Lucky 13"

Location: Old National Pike Park, Mt. Airy, MD (NARHAMS)
Weather: mostly sunny, hot (96 on the field!), wind 0-5 mph

Total flights: Today - 13; YTD - 30
Total motors: Today - 13; YTD - 36
Motors by class YTD: A - 2; B - 2; C - 15; D - 4; E - 6; F -2; G - 5

A light crowd, nice weather and lack of adjacent soccer game made for a great, although hot, launch day.  The pads were set up far from the tree line which helped walk-in access and, of course, kept the trees from being fed their normal staple of modrocs!  One person even set up in an unused picnic shelter. The only negative was there was long, waist high grass one one side.  However, I found it was thick enough so that even smallish rockets were easily found.  I added "Lucky 13" to the the title for all the reasons noted above and because I left with more rockets that I came with.  Jim Filler had recovered one of my lost rockets almost 2 years ago.  It had been with the range equipment ever since.  However, I didn't go to Mt. Airy at all last year. So, it became my lucky 13th flight of the day.

My Flights:
  1. MRC IronMan on a C11-3 - Good flight.
  2. Estes GBU-24 on an QC6-3 - Good flight with some wobble under boost.
  3. Ankyo234 on a C11-3 - Good Flight.
  4.  I Build Rockets Ballistic Chicken on a B6-4 - Good flight.
  5. Half  Ass-tron Superroc on a QC6-3 - Good flight.  Landed in the tall grass.
  6. AW D5 Stealth on a QC6-3 - Really nice straight flight with noticeable spin and auto-rotation recovery.
  7. Quest Area-51 SPEV Saucer on a QC6-3 - It was still under power on the way down and ejection was on the ground. Estes C6's works better in this saucer.
  8. Estes Snitch on a QC6-3 - Same flight profile as above.
  9. Estes Mini Patriot on an A10-3 - Really high flight.  Barely missed landing in the high grass.
  10. First Flight Mega Sonic on a C11-3 -  Good flight.  In the grass.
  11. Semroc Tau Zero on an A8-3 - Good flight.
  12. USAF-Themed no name on a C11-3 - Chute tangle, no damage. I guess the 'chute wasn't re-packed in almost 2 years. Oops.
  13. Semroc V-2 on a B6-4 - This was my semi-scale camo version.  The B6 is the best motor for this little rocket.
Other Notable Flights (these also appear in the attached photos):
  1. John McCoy had two cute 13mm cluster altitude models, complete with altimeters.
  2. Kevin Johnson flew an AeroTech RC glider a couple of times.  His gliders are always cool.
  3. Jim Filler had a staged Bumper WAC that he was testing for the Internats.
  4. Mike Kelley has some cool newly built models including an upscale of the Quest Tomahawk Cruise Missile.

A 'chute laying on the tall grass.

Ankyo234 foam rocket.

Tau Zero

Ballistic Chicken

Kevin's glider fleet.

Hal Ass-tron Superroc


Iron Man

L: John's cluster rocket; R: Mini Patriot

Kevin prepping his AeroTech glider

Glider under power.

Jim's Bumper WAC.

Bumper WAC again.

Glider again.

Mike's fleet.

Mike and rocket with prism decals.  These really looked great.

Nosecone made from plastic junk and the tip from a bottle of Elmer's white glue.

Mike's Cruise Missile (nice boost but early eject on a G71)

Cruise Missile cruisin'