Sunday, May 20, 2012

Launch Report 2012-3

Location: Central Sod Farm, Centreville, MD (MDRA ESL-168)
Weather: high 60's to low 70's, overcast, wind 5-15 mph
Total flights: Today - 11; YTD - 17
Total motors: Today - 11; YTD - 23
Motors by class YTD: C - 6; D - 4; E - 6; F -2; G - 5

The crowd was small, the weather was comfortable, most of the field was grass...and there was NO CORN!  My first flight was at about 9:45. By 2:15, the wind was up and my back was down so I bailed way early.

My Flights:
  1. Cheetah on a G77-10 LMS - Nice flight.  It went out of sight and didn't re-appear until a helpful MDRAer brought it back.  It really drifted on the 6"x60" streamer!
  2. Air Serpent on an F50-6 - The flight was vertical despite the wind and ejection was just after apogee.  The same people who returned the Cheetah brought his back.  Despite cutting back on the powder and having vent holes, the ejection charge blew the plunger/piston out the front of the rocket.  It is fixable but for $2.50 it might be better just to replace the lower part of the serpent section.  This was an Estes-branded motor.  It didn't come with an 'initiator', which is either a flaw in QA or marketing.  But, it worked and was a good deal at Hobby Lobby.
  3. PML Small Endeavour on a  G69SK-7 - Nice flight but the delay was a couple of seconds long.  Even the tiny Skidmarks are impressively loud.
  4. Big Daddy-29 on a G40-10 - Since I got the Cheetah back and the wind wasn't too bad, I decided to fly this one too.  Great boost but the streamer snarled around the long shock tether and didn't really deploy usefully.  One fin is broken but is fixable.  The untreated balsa fins held up fine to the G-powered boost. 
  5. Whirkygig-24 on an E9-P - Still the crowd pleaser, although it weather cocked badly.
  6. Oddl' Wedgie on an Estes C6-3 - Nice, fairly vertical flight despite the wind.  This needs the Estes C6 vs. the Quest 'long burn" variety.
  7. Max-Q Turbo on an E9-4 - It spun like crazy on the way up and continued spinning until landing.
  8. EAT XFLR-7 on a C11-3 - Nice flight with ejection at apogee.
  9. First Flight CornRoc on a EC6-5 - Nice flight.  Neil's comment was, "On a Corn Rock, do you put the motor in the corn hole."  The answer is of course 'yes'!  Its new nickname is now Cornholio.
  10. Talk Radio on a C11-3 - Nice flight.
  11. Shrox SHX-15 on a C11-3 - Great vertical flight with a barrel roll.  Ejection was at apogee.
Here are a few photos: