Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hi, I'm Dick and I'm an addict...

Well, I made another coupon run to Hobby Lobby.  Still no E12's (not out yet) or E9's (out of stock).  They had one F23, one G40, and one G80.  I bought the latter with one coupon.  I have no immediate need for it and have often bitched and moaned about how much these cost but, for some odd reason, when one is dangled under my nose for $17, I want it.   Next, like I need another kit like a hole in my head, I used the another coupon for a Estes Ventris. My only excuses are that I like building stuff and have no projects on the bench.  My wife shook her head in despair and said, "Happy Father's Day!"

Below is a photo of the package and of the parts. I am fairly happy with what I saw in the bag.  The tubes seem sturdy, the 1/8" laser cut fins appear to be good quality, the plastic transition and cone seem nice, and it includes their new screw-on motor retainer.  The one weak spot appears to be the elastic shock cord and classic tri-fold mount. Elastic isn't the worst thing for this size rocket as my old NCR kits have survived many flights with it.  I will, however, add either a steel or Kevlar leader through the top ring.  I'll also swap the lugs for buttons.  Building should commence tomorrow.