Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Estes Ventris build, part 5

I have been pondering the color scheme since I bought the kit.  I decided against the tiger stripe scheme that I originally thought of.  For this size rocket, I saw hand painted stripes going horribly wrong.  Although the recommended scheme looks fine, I confirmed on TRF that the roll pattern decals are not provided.  I'm not that keen on them for a sport rocket (vs. a scale or semi-scale rocket) anyway. Yet, had they been included I may have succumbed.  This weekend I saw a rocket with some cool holographic decals and decided to give them a try. I was by a local art store and found 6" x 8" sheets on clearance.  I got a really cool sheet with iridescent, square  patterns for the payload and some reddish/orange lines for the fins.  I wouldn't have picked the latter but my wife liked them.  Good enough for me!  I guess Apogee's latest video is quite timely - Applying Pressure Sensitive Decals to Model Rockets.  From the transition up, it will be gloss black.  That should highlight the decal nicely.  I am painting the lower section gloss white for now.  I think I'll cur the fin decals and see what I think about the white background.  I might yet paint the fin section another color.