Monday, May 28, 2012

Estes Ventris build, part 4

Construction is complete except for the motor retainer.  There are two items of note.

I decided to make a cord protector from a scrap of car air bag material.  I covered about 5 inches of the Kevlar leader with a couple of  wraps, swabbed on some 5-minute epoxy, and compressed it while the glue set.  We'll see how it holds up

I often talk about how saving spare parts, scraps, and even random junk pays off.  And, it did again.  I drilled the holes for the rail buttons using a drill guide (a new product under development by Dog House Rocketry - more on this when it is formally announced).  The holes are just above each of the two lower centering rings.  I stacked two buttons to give the clearance for the larger payload section but found they were too wobbly.  I poked around and saw a piece of 1/2" thick basswood sticking out of one of the bins on my workbench.  It already had two holes drilled in it, so I must had previously thought about using it as a standoff.  The big coincidence is that the two hole lined up perfectly with the holes that I had drilled in the body tube.  Amazing!

It's ready for primer.  I need to buy some and I am waffling about the paint scheme.  Maybe I'll wait to hear back from Estes concerning the possibly missing decals.