Friday, May 25, 2012

Estes Ventris build, part 2

I started by actually reading the instructions. They are well illustrated and understandable, although there are several typos (e.g. two step '4's in the motor mount build).   The parts are accounted for, except for possibly the decal.  This isn't includes pictorially in the parts section but the finishing step implies roll pattern decals are provided.  All I got was one with the Estes logo and kit name.  I will contact Estes about this but when I bought it I was thinking about making this an upscale of my 1980's vintage Tiger Shark (photo attached).

I also checked the fit of all the parts and all is good there.  The kit includes an optional motor block, ptooie. This was assimilated into the collective (i.e. the spare parts bin) and will not be used.

Motor Mount - The motor mount build includes three 1/8", laser cut rings.  These are positioned and initially held in place with a sleeve that fits snugly over the tube.  I think this was a great feature, as long at I don't accidently glue it on.  On the top and final ring, it is glued in place but on the others it only holds them in place while the rings are tacked on.  Wood glue is specified for the entire build, with the exception of the motor retainer where epoxy is used.  I think I'll follow the recommendations except I'll probably use epoxy to attach the payload tube to the transition.  As noted in my original post, I'll ass a leader to the top ring (will use some epoxy there too).