Friday, April 27, 2012

Re-building in the Dungeon

I finally finished the repair of the Landshark, which was badly damaged during tree recovery operations. At 40', all we could do is snag the cord and pull.  (Hat tip to Bill Cann! I couldn't have wrangled it by my lonesome.) I replaced the front section of body tube, cleaned up cracked fillets on one fin, and repainted the whole thing.  The 'chute, which started life with my NCR Archer (I think) lost all but one of its shroud lines.  These were sewn to the canopy and came off with minimal damage.  I reattached them with nylon repair tape and my wife will re-sew them before the next launch.

While filler and paint was drying, I added some spin tabs to the Art Applewhite Max-Q (beta).

Max-Q Turbo