Monday, April 09, 2012

In Texas, the spaceports are moving south

Texas is full of proposed spaceports, most of which have never materialized.  In fact, the one with the least published information - Blue Origin's site - is the only one that is operational.

The Brazoria Spaceport, on the coast and southwest of Galveston never got going (not shown on the map).  Well south of that, near Corpus Christi, is the proposed location of the South Texas Spaceport.  In July 2011, there was some rumblings that this plan wasn't dead, however, the lack of further updates probably indicates that it needs its last rites.

Today, Clark Lindsey reports on an even more southerly spaceport in Cameron County, east of Brownsville. Evidently, SpaceX has filed a notice (.pdf) that they will be preparing an environment impact statement for the site, which would support the Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy, and other smaller vehicles.  Clark posted a bit more info if you don't want to wade through the entire pdf.  This proposed site would be about as far south as you can get on Texas without becoming the Matamoros Spaceport (aka the North Mexican Spaceport).