Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bombers, JATOs and JATO-boosted bombers

Dark Roasted Blend has posted a new series on Heavy Bombers: Fearsome Angels of the Cold War. This post includes four awesome photos of B-47's being boosted by JATOs.  There's also a cool drawing of the B-52 "El Paso" and a B-52 flying low along along a beach.  Despite my affinity for JATOs, I'll embed the El Paso (via x-ray delta one)

1948 ... Boeing B-50 strategic bomber

While on the subject of JATO's, check out this surreal photo of a pile of used JATO's.  The U.S. military used a lot of JATO's to fly ski-equipped C-130 transports off of snow fields in Greenland.  Besides going in the junkyard, they also make great ashtrays.

Credit: Paul Cziko  
Aw heck, I can't resit also posting this photo of a B-47B JATO launch: