Monday, March 12, 2012

MDRA: 3; Me: 0

Well, it looks like I missed my 3rd MDRA launch of the year.  The club had most excellent weather for ESL-166 this past weekend.  The flight reports began trickling in yesterday (ain't the Interweb wonderful!). Since it was at our Price field it meant big motors and cool flights.  Nick DeBrita flew his Ultimate Wildman on an M1419W to 7,424', Dan Michael flew his 1/3 scale Nike Smike in an M1939W to 6,489' and, as evidenced by the long video, Mike Passaretti flew his scratch-built SM-XMR SAM on an Aerotech M1500G to 4,951'. This was the maiden voyage of this 6" diameter, 8.5ft tall, 35lb rocket. The video is long and the fun stuff begins about 4 minutes in.

I guess I have to wait for Red Glare XII, which is scheduled for April 12-15 at Higgs Farm in Price, MD!