Saturday, March 31, 2012

The history of electronics, in Electronics

The third and final trade magazine that I saved is the April 17, 1980 Commemorative Issue of Electronics.  This issue traces the history of electronics from it's start through the end of the 1970's.  I thumbed through the issue and scanned a small set of the photos for your enjoyment.

(developed at the JHU Applied Physics Lab)

Intel founders Andrew Grove, Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore (1968)...and their 8008 microprocessor (1971).

L: The Vanguard rocket (1957); R: Explorer I (1958)

Through the 1970's, many small-quantity systems were built using wire-wrap.  At Ford, we had a standard board set.  Engineers would lay out the sockets and components for their designs and annotate their circuit diagrams with the matrix locations of the components and pin numbers.  A tech would code these and they would be entered onto a punch card deck.  This was then read into a computer-driven wire wrap machine that would position a gun for a wire-wrap technician.  Modifications were made manually and, once a board was debugged, the card deck was updated.

Sperry-Rand's traffic control system for New York's Long Island, circa 1980 or so.