Thursday, February 02, 2012

Reader stars and interesting links

  • More Winter? Punxsutawney Phil Sees His Shadow, Live Science - I wonder what 6 more weeks of winter means when you hardly have had any already?  My prognostication is that we'll have 9 extra days of coldish temperatures and the rest will be unseasonably warm.  Further, there will be one non-shovelable snow event.
  • Artwork transferring - painting tutorial #6 - This one is worth filing away...and it might be worth your time to find #s 1-5.  I now remember doing this as a kid (and probably when my kids were kids).  However, I totally forgot about it and never used it on a rocket.  Note: you still have to be able to paint within the lines.
  • A Swarm of nano Quadrotors (Video) - I had ignored the latest video from the world of quadrotors until a friend poked me about them.  What popped to mind was a remake of Hitchcock's The Birds with the  birds being replaced with a huge swarm of errant quadrotors. 
  • Martin Orbit Project (1946), Retro Mechanix - The rocket is a refinement of the earlier High Altitude Test Vehicle and appears to be V-2 derived.  The latter is my thought only since I didn't read much of the article. File under "for future reference."
  • NASA | Riding on a Sounding Rocket - Ground to 178 miles and back in four and a half minutes. YouTube video found via R2K (check his post for a description an two other videos).