Monday, February 27, 2012

MDRA'er is one step closer to space

As announced on MDRA's Facebook page:
Folks, one of our members, Savan Becker, made it into the Video Finals for the Seattle Space Needle's Space Race 2012 Contest. He has been told he is currently in 6th place and is looking to get more votes. The grand prize consists of a suborbital spaceflight, up to an altitude of about 62 miles (100 kilometers), the internationally accepted boundary of outer space. The flight, aboard a vehicle provided by Space Adventures and Armadillo Aerospace, will last about 30 minutes from takeoff to landing, with about 6 minutes of zero gravity. Training for the flight will take about two days.

Votes for me can be placed *daily* here: You can vote everyday up to 3/18/12.