Saturday, February 04, 2012

Interesting variants of classic missiles

RB24B RB24J RB27 RB28 by AdurianJ
RB24B RB24J RB27 RB28, a photo by AdurianJ on Flickr.
From the attached description:
From the left: AIM-9B, AIM-9J, AIM-26B, AIM-4C.

The AIM-9J or RB24J in Sweden was first built in the US as an AIM-9B and delivered to Sweden.  In the 1970's the front parts of these missiles where returned to the US to be upgraded into AIM-9J standard. The Swedish sidewinders where hence built in the US but the AIM-9J has later gotten a Swedish built laser proximity fuse.

The Falcon missiles where all built under license in Sweden