Saturday, January 21, 2012

Warthog build session 2012-1

Warthog successfully conducted his first build session of the year despite Mother Nature's attempt to ice us in. He provided his signature pulled pork BBQ and a coleslaw that was as good as I've ever had.

He helped set up his plunge router so I could make some rings for my Fat 6" Crayon Bank. I successfully made three 6" rings with 38mm holes in them. Two will hold the motor mount and one will hold a tube with nose weight in it.

Don worked on his big 29mm-powered SR-71 rocket glider and began fixing his POW/MIA rocket. Jim worked on a Semroc kit and tried to convince Don into continuing to convert the SR-71 for RC control (kinda).  Don decided that he wants his first RC project to be something that's easier to control.  That sounded like a reasonable idea to me.  Finally, build session newbie but MDRA veteran Glen came to observe and talk rockets.

I took a vote on whether to use clear fins on my Crayon or go with something odd.  It was tied 50-50 but, including Itchy's absentee vote, I guess clear fins it is.  Unless something changes.  Such as the local availability of Lexan or my mood or whatever.