Saturday, January 07, 2012

Sport Rocketry, January/February 2012

I was glad this issue arrived after the previous issue went AWOL and had to be replaced.  I feared there was a hiccup after renewing my membership but any worries I had were unfounded.

This issue starts with a nice two-fer build article on a Dark Star Lite.and a Talon.  Boris Katan has an article on his Lightning Cluster Box.  It provides lots of test data and some cool launch shots but neglects to provide a schematic and parts list.  MDRA has a Cluster Buck so I don't really need my own.  If I did, I'd pull out the ROCKETS issue that provided the details for the Cluster Buck.  Then there's an article detailing how to build a rocket than can fly a mile high. Next up is a build article on building a 3x18mm Der Red Max. Or any number of Der 'xyz' Maxes. There's a one pager on the rocket display at the National Science Teachers Association and a description of the Classic Model competition event. Finally, Larry Brand deviates from his signature tube fin design to review the Mad Cow Lil' Goblin.