Friday, January 06, 2012

Rocket girl explores Russian rocket factory

Lana Sator, urban explorer, blogger, and now official rocket girl reportedly snuck into an NPO Energomash rocket factory outside of Moscow.  The factory makes engines for the Soyuz, Zenit 3SL, Angara, Baikal, and even for the first stage of the U.S.'s Atlas V.  Evidently, the facility didn't have much security. Say what?!?  I posted a photo of the rocket girl herself and one that looks more like a sci-fi movie set (Nostromo? a Death Star?) than an actual functioning factory. Makes me wonder if it is legit.  Well, at least she is a girl and the photos are cool.

Found via R2K.  Article with more photos from Gizmodo.  You should also look at Lana's Livejournal blog. She has many more photos and some history.  Translator required.