Thursday, January 26, 2012

Reader stars 'n' interesting links

Seems like this is becoming a regular feature for those things I found interesting....but not interesting enough to make a dedicated post.
  • Project High Jump Boosted Dart - High Power Rocketry (Discussion, photos, video...CATO.)
  • Nuclear Katyusha Launching - Next Big Future (NBF reviews his proposal for a one pulse, Orion-style nuclear powered rocket.  It would be constructed in, and launched from, a 3.5km deep hole in a salt dome.  A 150kT nuclear bomb would accelerate the ship to escape velocity.  Interesting, but not likely to ever happen. " Launch people and delicates the regular way. ")
  • NASA Aerospace Advisory Panel's annual report - RLV and Space Transport (Evidently the NASA safety bureaucracy  isn't happy with the Commercial Crew Program.  Clark points our that both the Atlas V and Falcon 9 will have dozens of flights under their belt before a human climbs aboard.  Unlike the Shuttle or SLS.)
  • Project Bifrost: Return to Nuclear Rocketry - Centauri Dreams (Sounds like another study on the state of nuclear rocketry today; building on Project NERVA, which was finally canceled in 1972.  The question remains whether we as a society are ready for nuclear powered rockets.)
  • Dale Windsor is rumbling about bringing back LawnDart Rocketry.  Note the new URL as Sunward bought his old one after it lapsed: He says, "Lots of new stuff in the pipeline (can you say X-planes?), though I'm reluctant to make any announcements."