Monday, January 02, 2012

Indexing every rocket kit ever made

The Rocketry Forum and Rocketry Online's InfoCentral have collaborated to develop "a comprehensive catalog of all rockets offered to the public in kit form, RTF or plan. All of them."  This is a big undertaking and the first iteration is now available in .pdf form: The Rocketry Index.  This link is to the TRF thread where you can find the latest version of the file.  The catalog is organized by manufacturer or source in the case of plans.  It includes lots of information about the manufacturers and then individual entries for each kit.  The kit entries will include all the pertinent details and photos.  The file is currently over 600pp long and there is a lengthy intro describing the details of its organization, which includes constructs like family groups and patriarchal families.  Luckily, pdf's are searchable!