Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year!

The content and sentiment have little in common.   For this first post of 2012, I thought I'd list the last few items I 'starred' in my reader, but didn't post about.  I only included the reasonably on-topic items.

  1. Alternatives for Boost Phase Missile Defense - High Power Rocketry (Links to a study on Google Books.);
  2. Boris Chertok's Rockets and People - Rocketry Blog (Boris, an icon of the Soviet space program, recently passed.  His book is now available via the NASA History program.);
  3. NASA's GRAIL-A Goes into Moon orbit - Spaceports; UPDATE:  GRAIL-B is in lunar orbit too!
  4. Star Flight Concepts Over the Years - HobbySpace (Star ship history in fiction and science.);
  5. Shift Register Hacks - MAKE:blog (I have no use for this now, but I used to love this kind of stuff..);
  6. NASA Marshall's Skylab Reuse Study (1977) - Beyond Apollo;
  7. New Kit Releases - Rocketry Online;

PS - Have you had your black eyed peas?