Sunday, January 29, 2012

Feed reader stars and interesting links

  • Oddroc of the day: Kinder Surprise Rocket, on Sascha Grant's Flickr photostream
  • Armadillo flies STIG-A to 137kft, makes "hard landing", RLV and Space Trasnport - via Jeff Foust via NM Spaceport Authority; propulsion...check...parachute's....D'OH! (noting the STIG-A v. Stiga naming issue remains)
  • Big A$$ rocket of the day: Steve Bayak's and Dan Michael's Upscale Fatboy; no link, join Facebook and friend Dan; "A central N2000W, three (3) M1315W's, three (3) M1297W's & three (3) K700W's. An average of 11936ns @ lift-off, for a total of 57,551ns! At 5:1, we are good for 536.45 lbs. of rocket!! This rocket will weigh between 375 to 400 lbs." - Red Glare XII, be there or be square!