Saturday, January 28, 2012

Feed reader stars and interesting links

  • Can a lighter-than-air spacecraft enter orbit?, High Power Rocketry - Intriguing concept.  JPA is more qualified than I on all all accounts, so I won't bother rambling about it. The website as an .pdf and animation describing the concept.
  • NASA Wallops Flight Facility in 2011, RLV and Space Transport - Includes a link to the .pdf-format recap of the year at Wallops. Includes ULSI support and the Wallops Rocketry Academy for Teachers and Students.  I had forgotten that the Shuttle could have been diverted to Wallops in an emergency. 
  • NEWS FROM THE FUTURE – Drone Pilot Discovers “River of Meat Blood”, MAKE - A Dallas area hobbyist spotted a river of blood flowing from a meat packing plant.  I saw this story a few days ago but, when I went to read the entire report, I found it had been pulled. Apparently, the authorities are investigating.  MAKE has a photo that was ostensibly taken by the drone in question.  Have we seen the progression from citizen journalism to citizen surveillance?  High tech neighborhood watch.