Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Blame it on too many rockets

At the last build session, Warthog asked about the status of my F-104 Starfighter.  I respond that it suffered some damage on the last flight and that some of the plastic joints needed to be re-glued.  Today, I pulled it out to do the minor repairs.  Well, it appears that I had already repaired it.  Sigh, the mind is the second thing to go (and I can't remember the first thing).  What I did do is add a separate shock tether for the tail section. So, in the spring I'll fly her on a G138-4 and recover her on two 'chutes.  The fast short burn will hopefully minimize the soaring action and lead to a slower horizontal velocity at apogee and the two 'chutes will minimize the chances of the wings being sheared off by the shock cord.

Hey! How can I be expected to remember the status of each of the 220 rockets in my active fleet?