Monday, December 12, 2011

Sport Rocketry November/December 2011

The main theme of this issue is NARAM-53, which was held last summer in Cincinnati, OH.  As with most contest coverage, I mostly liked gawking at the photos of the sports range and, in this case, PMC models.  There was also more NASA SLI/USLI coverage and a report on a grade school rocketry program in Massachusetts.  There is a nice build article on a Der Red Max variant and and excellent build article on Boris Katan's awesome Turbine Rocket Saucer.  This spinning saucer features 8 slightly canted and 4 highly canted 24mm mounts.  I am in awe of Boris' work.

BTW, I received this issue about a month later than expected.  I've subscribed to Sport Rocketry for many years and, for the first time, my original issue never appeared.  After three weeks, I emailed NAR HQ using the address provided on their website.  Marie got back to me within a week and the replacement arrived less than a week later.  If you have problems with your membership, don't hesitate to contact them.  Their staff is small so you may see delays due to illness, vacation, holidays, etc..  However, be patient and they will take care of you.