Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Shuttle Motion Simulator finds a new home

CollectSpace reports that the Shuttle Motion Simulator (SMS) has been donated to Texas A&M University where it will be used to develop new space equipment and operations procedures.  It reportedly will be available to all majors as well as the public.  I find this so awesome.  This is the first Shuttle artifact that I've heard about, including the orbiters themselves, that will be more than a museum artifact.  I wonder if there are any other items that will stay 'operational'?

Using the SMS will be no small feat.  It is a complicated piece of equipment.  There will be hardware maintenance and operations will be non-trivial, both inside the simulator and at its controls.  I wonder how many lines of code are involved?  Maybe they will contract with the current NASA support contractor(s) to keep it going?   In any event, even if it was free it might be costly.