Saturday, December 17, 2011

ROCKETS Magazine, August 2011

I'll first address the timing of this issue - it's late.  The guys at ROCKETS have had some glitches and have gotten behind.  However, they report no serious problems and expect to catch up in 2012.  Next, I'll point out the highlight of this issue - I have begun supporting the magazine by submitting material for the Rocketry News section!  The untimely passing of the owner of Rocketry Planet, Darrell Mobley, left the editors without a steady flow of material.  Bob cornered me at a launch and, knowing that I wasted my time on this blog, twisted my arm.  So, I volunteered to help out.  Since I wasn't plugged in to many HPR vendors and wanted an outlet for any excess material that I acquired,  I reached out to Rocketry Online via my old relationship with TRF (ROL is run by TRF mod Kevin Trojanowski).  [BTW, Darrell also was the original developer of ROL.]  Now that this is out of the way...on to the contents of this issue.

The first feature is the final installment of Frank Hermes' series on his Coast Optimization System.   He describes actual flight tests of the completed system, which includes a RocketTiltometer integrated with a Raven flight computer.  Next up is launch coverage of NERRF 7, which was held this past summer at METRA's Pine Island, NY launch site.  NERRF, like Red Glare, is a regional, 'indy' launch that gathers participants from far and wide.  The action then moves from NY to Colorado with a report on the exploits of  United Launch Alliance (ULA)/Ball Aerospace student interns.  How I would have loved to have been able to intern with high power rockets!  The student teams built some cool rockets and payloads. Their Stars 'N' Stripes flew on an 'N' motor and featured reverse mounted 'H' motors to limit its altitude.  This is an idea worth copying.  Moving further west, we hear all about the Northwest Xtreme Rocket Show 2011 in Brothers, Oregon.  Finally, Wes 'Dr Zooch' Olezsewki explains BiNCS (Bite N Crumple Syndrome), and how to avoid it.  I call BiNCS 'Estes Smiles'.  Even when they are on other vendors' kits.