Sunday, December 18, 2011

Reworking the FCToD

As I mentioned in the launch report, the Flying Christmas Tree of Death survived to fly another day.  For the up part, there isn't much to change.  I'll hope for less wind and maybe slightly angle the rod with it.  However, it is clear that I need another way to get a 'chute out.  My first thought is to nestle a piece of BT-60 below one motor mount.  This tube diameter should be big enough to hold the 'chute and still stay away from the exhaust.  The only rub is how to get the ejection gas from the top of the motor mount to the parachute tub below it.  That means it needs to make an abrupt u-turn.  If it can do that, I can figure out how to get it to the BT-60.  The good news is that the main goal is not to make a robust, often flown rocket.  A material like thin PVC would be good but rubber might be OK.  Ideas?