Friday, December 30, 2011

Last look inside Atlantis before the lights go out (plus more)

collectSpace has posted a series of cool photo's inside (and below) the Space Shuttle Atlantis.  I thought I had heard that NASA had already powered her down, but evidently the lights were on as of December 19th.  If I were in charge at NASM, I'd get with NASA and find how to provide external power and then mount cameras at strategic spots inside.  It would even be cool to let visitors zoom and pan the cameras.

In my earlier post about the Shuttle Motion Simulator being moved to Texas A&M, I asked rhetorically whether there were other Shuttle-era resources that were going to be used operationally (vs. ending up in a static display). Tonight, I learned about one.  The news played a story from a Houston TV station about the current and future use of the training pools at JSC.  Since the ISS is complete, the pools are idle.  An oil exploration training company is using them to train rig workers how to survive things like helicopter crashes.